We're pleased to announce the winners of our 2015 raffle (our biggest one yet)!  

1st prize winner 
(Five-day, trip for two on a Lower Lakes freighter)

James Bankson of Port Austin, Michigan!  

And our other winners are:

2nd prize    Badger Ferry Trip for 2                      Dave Nobbe
3rd prize     Beaver Island Ferry Trip for 2           Terry Sechen 
4th Prize     Star Line Ferry Trip for  2                  D. Corbin 
5th Prize     S.S. City of Milwaukee stay              Kevin Majewski
6th Prize     Russ Porter Framed Print                James Meyer          

Congratulations to all of our winners,
and thank you for your support of the
    S.S. City of Milwaukee and USCGC Acacia!

S.S. City of Milwaukee - National Historic Landmark