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Manistee's Ghost Ship is a haunted house attraction located on the historic car ferry S.S. City of Milwaukee. It is a fundraising event and is open all Friday and Saturday nights in October, 7:30pm - 10:30pm. It typically consists of 5 decks, and takes about 25-45 minutes to walk through.

Stay tuned for 2024 Dates/Prices!

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Please read before coming to our attraction  
This attraction reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone.
You will experience loud audio, bright lighting, extremely low visibility, steep stairs, inclines and declines, flashing lights, special effects, and sudden actions by actors.
You should never enter a haunted house attraction if you suffer from extreme heart conditions, you are prone to seizures, or have any severe medical problem.
Do not enter the attraction if you are intoxicated, under the influence of illegal drugs or heavy medications. 
If the staff notices you are under the influence/drunk you will be escorted off the ship.
Do not smoke, vape, run, eat, or drink in the attraction.
You may not be permitted to enter the attraction or asked to leave the attraction if rules are not followed.
There are no refunds.  
Enter at your own risk. 

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Thank you for another record-breaking year!!
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Will masks be required?


How does Fast Pass work?
​We are selling Fast Pass tickets for all nights of GhostShip. You can purchase them
here, or by going to the "Fast Pass Tickets" page on this website. After you purchase the tickets, there will be a paper ticket/receipt to print, or display on your phone. Make sure you bring it with you to GhostShip. We will have signage in the parking lot when you arrive, pointing where to go.  

Can I take pictures or video while going through?

No. Pictures and video are not allowed while going through the attraction. But we WILL take pictures of you!! Bwahaha!


How much does it cost?

Kids 6 and under are free, stay tuned for 2024 pricing. General Admission tickets are only purchased at the door, we accept both cash and card.


How long does it take to go through?

It depends on how scared you get! Usually about 20-30 minutes.


Can we touch the props?

For your safety and ours, we do not allow touching the props or actors. And they will not touch you.


When is it open?

Friday and Saturday nights in October, from 7:30-10:30pm. Stay tuned for extra dates!


Will there be a food drive discount this year?



Is there an age restriction?

No, however we do not recommend anyone under 7 years old going through. We don't want to scar them...yet.


Is it hard for seniors to go through?

It can be. There are high steps, low headways, and steep stairs aboard. This is not an attraction for everyone. However, generally those 75 years old and younger can make it through.


Is there a discount for going through twice in a night?

Yes. After you go through once, it is only $6 for each time after, within the same night.


They start off scaring you before you even get onboard (I won't tell you how or it will ruin it). It is probably the longest "haunted house" I've ever been through. You need a good heart to make it up and down the ship's stairs to make it out of their scary maze. I'd have to say that they startled me several times by jumping out of the darkness and screaming in my face. There must have been 50 people participating in the scenes, There will sure be a lot of hoarse people in Manistee after the Ghost Ship closes.

-David Kath

This was an ultimate experience and we kept raving about it. Never travelled in a ship and last night we got a chance to explore a ghost ship. It was a five decked wonder. Got in with lots of curiosity and we got to face the unexpected. The scenes were frightening, certainly not for the weak heart. The actors did an excellent job. They were relentless and knew exactly how to scare us. We did scream and jump and run as well. It was like the worst nightmare coming alive. Good job and a five star from my side.

-Shaylah G

Had all you typically expect in a haunt – good scares, props, creepy sets and ghostly characters. I failed to anticipate most scares. I jumped and screamed few times. The swamp monster chased me and wife on the decks. The creepy clown scared the crap out of us. Different scary themes stood out. I thought actors all did a great job in scaring us. I would give 4/5 for this haunt. I will certainly come next year, probably with my kids.

-Mrs. Adams

Was not able to fathom how a ship can be turned into a haunt. When we visited this place it changed our perception. It was interesting and we all loved it for its unique theme. You get to explore a five decked haunted ship replete with monsters and ghosts. The actors were brilliant. They had the right kind of makeup and costumes. The scenes and scares were interesting and we were cornered, chased and almost attacked by them. It was fun and we had a splendid time and will be coming back.


This place is pretty cool. Absolutely jumped out of my skin! Manistee's Ghost Ship was more fun than I expected. We reached there are 7pm and the event started at 7.30. It was not so crowded so we had good time inside. One of the best Halloween experiences we have had in a long while.


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